The Show Up Podcast

019 - Finding Mindful Moments

May 21, 2019

It feels like everyone is talking about what it is and how to do it, and you may be wondering –

What is it, REALLY?

And how do I practice mindfulness in a space full of chaos?

On today’s episode, my sweet friend Macy Robison is asking me a whole bunch of questions that you were kind enough to submit via my Instagram account. We’re talking about what mindfulness is, how to practice it in your every day and why you should, and I’m also sharing some practical ways you can incorporate some of these tips.

After you listen and start to try some of these practices, share what you’re doing on social using the hashtag #showuponpurpose so we can find you and cheer you on, and make you eligible for the mindfulness happy mail package I’m giving away.


“What matters is finding these mindful moments in the in between. In the space between stimulus and response, making that choice to be present.”


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